Varieties Of Computer Network Cables That Can Be Chosen From


Computer network cables are found in the market in different designs and types.  May companies globally are specializing in manufacturing of computer network cables and other connectivity services.  Being of many kinds, they will be in varied situations and with mixed effectiveness.  It is crucial to consider scrutinizing the cables you want to acquire if it is compatible with your various devices.  With all these in mind, the task of selecting the best computer cable for connectivity isn’t simple and should be taken seriously.  During connectivity, difficulties such as crosstalk, slow speed, signal loss and signall alterations can arise if a bad cable is used.  Cables that are compatible with your devices, well- fixed switches and hubs will enable you enjoy the best of connections.  Listed below are some categories of network connection cables and various supports.

Unshielded network cables at that are also called Twisted Pair cables.  The cable is not covered and consists of 8 coper wires with a gauge of 22- 24.  This king of a cable is twisted to give four pairs, giving it its name.  Given the twisting, the cable will not have any electromagnetic interference.   With this network cable, you can enjoy a data transmission at a speed of 1000 Mbps, and it comes with an affordable cost.  This category of network cable is one of the most selected and utilized for computer network.

The the second group is the shielded network cable that is obtained from modification of the unshielded category.  The pairs are wrapped with a metallic foil and a metallic braid use to wrap the whole cable.  The double wrapping of the wires protects the digital signals and prevent electromagnetic radiations interference.  The use of this cable removes the issues of crosstalk.  There is an opportunity for your network engineer to fix this with RJ or STP connectors and if done correctly, your metallic shields will be protected, and it works effectively. For more details about cable connectors, visit

Crossover cables are another category where hubs, switches, and routers are not needed to be installed.  The network cable has one of its ends displaying the switch with double wires colored green and orange.  Crossover cables are the best choice for joining more than one PCs together.

Stranded cables are developed by covering a massive of thin wires of copper together.  They are the best choice in places where plugging, unplugging and installation is consistent.  The signal transmissions with stranded cables never get interfered with or lost.

Solid cables use thick copper compared with the other cables and hence suitable for structured wiring.  The use of this cable can fit installation displacement conductors.

Checking these sc communication cables well before installations to ensure you get the best quality and enjoy the highest connectivity is important.


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